FeinCMS has a few installation-wide settings which you might want to customize.

The default settings can be found inside feincms.default_settings. FeinCMS reads the settings from feincms.settings – values should be overridden by placing them in your project’s settings.

Media library settings

FEINCMS_MEDIALIBRARY_UPLOAD_TO: Defaults to medialibrary/%Y/%m. Defines the location of newly uploaded media files.

FEINCMS_MEDIALIBRARY_THUMBNAIL: Defaults to feincms.module.medialibrary.thumbnail.default_admin_thumbnail. The path to a function which should return the URL to a thumbnail or None for the mediafile instance passed as first argument.

FEINCMS_MEDIAFILE_OVERWRITE: Defaults to False. Set this to True if uploads should replace previous files using the same path if possible. This allows copy-pasted paths to work, but prevents using far future expiry headers for media files. Also, it might not work with all storage backends.

Rich text settings

FEINCMS_RICHTEXT_INIT_TEMPLATE: Defaults to admin/content/richtext/init_tinymce4.html. The template which contains the initialization snippet for the rich text editor. Bundled templates are:

  • admin/content/richtext/init_tinymce.html for TinyMCE 3.x.
  • admin/content/richtext/init_tinymce4.html for TinyMCE 4.x.
  • admin/content/richtext/init_ckeditor.html for CKEditor.

FEINCMS_RICHTEXT_INIT_CONTEXT: Defaults to {'TINYMCE_JS_URL': ''}. A dictionary which is passed to the template mentioned above. Please refer to the templates directly to see all available variables.

Settings for the tree editor

FEINCMS_TREE_EDITOR_INCLUDE_ANCESTORS: Defaults to False. When this setting is True, the tree editor shows all objects on a single page, and also shows all ancestors up to the roots in filtered lists.

FEINCMS_TREE_EDITOR_OBJECT_PERMISSIONS: Defaults to False. Enables checking of object level permissions.

Settings for the page module

FEINCMS_USE_PAGE_ADMIN: Defaults to True. The page model admin module automatically registers the page model with the default admin site if this is active. Set to False if you have to configure the page admin module yourself.

FEINCMS_DEFAULT_PAGE_MODEL: Defaults to page.Page. The page model used by

FEINCMS_ALLOW_EXTRA_PATH: Defaults to False. Activate this to allow random gunk after a valid page URL. The standard behavior is to raise a 404 if extra path elements aren’t handled by a content type’s process() method.

FEINCMS_TRANSLATION_POLICY: Defaults to STANDARD. How to switch languages.

  • 'STANDARD': The page a user navigates to sets the site’s language and overwrites whatever was set before.
  • 'EXPLICIT': The language set has priority, may only be overridden by explicitely a language with ?set_language=xx.

FEINCMS_FRONTEND_LANGUAGES: Defaults to None; set it to a list of allowed language codes in the front end so to allow additional languages in the admin back end for preparing those pages while not yet making the available to the public.

FEINCMS_CMS_404_PAGE: Defaults to None. Set this if you want the page handling mechanism to try and find a CMS page with that path if it encounters a page not found situation.

FEINCMS_SINGLETON_TEMPLATE_CHANGE_ALLOWED: Defaults to False. Prevent changing template within admin for pages which have been allocated a Template with singleton=True – template field will become read-only for singleton pages.

FEINCMS_SINGLETON_TEMPLATE_DELETION_ALLOWED: Defaults to False. Prevent admin page deletion for pages which have been allocated a Template with singleton=True.

FEINCMS_MEDIAFILE_TRANSLATIONS: Defaults to True. Set to False if you want FeinCMS to not translate MediaFile names, and instead just use the filename directly.

Various settings

FEINCMS_THUMBNAIL_DIR: Defaults to _thumbs/. Defines a prefix for media file thumbnails. This allows you to easily remove all thumbnails without fear of removing files belonging to image and file fields.

FEINCMS_THUMBNAIL_CACHE_TIMEOUT: feincms_thumbnail template filter library cache timeout. The default is to not cache anything for backwards compatibility. If you use cloud storage AND feincms_thumbnail it is recommended to set the timeout to a large value.