FeinCMS 1.12 release notes

Welcome to FeinCMS 1.12!


This is a cleanup release. Lots of changes ahead! Please report problems in our issue tracker on Github!

Template content requires explicit list of templates

The template refactor in Django removed the ability to enumerate templates in template folders. Because of that templates must now be explicitly specified when creating the content type:

Page.create_content_type(TemplateContent, TEMPLATES=[
    ('content/template/something1.html', 'something'),
    ('content/template/something2.html', 'something else'),
    ('base.html', 'makes no sense'),

Also, you need to add a model migration which renames the old filename field to the new template field and prepends content/template/ to all filenames:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import unicode_literals

from django.db import models, migrations

class Migration(migrations.Migration):

    dependencies = [
        ('page', 'WHATEVER IS APPROPRIATE'),

    operations = [
        migrations.RenameField('TemplateContent', 'filename', 'template'),
            "UPDATE page_page_templatecontent"
            " SET template='content/template/' || template;",
            "UPDATE page_page_templatecontent"
            " SET template=REPLACE(template, 'content/template/', '');"

The blog module has been completely removed

If you need a blog, have a look at Elephantblog instead.

Caching of pages in various page manager methods has been removed

Some methods such as Page.objects.for_request automatically cached the page instances. This behavior lead to non-obvious problems and has therefore been removed.

Backwards-incompatible changes

  • FeinCMS requires Django 1.7 or better.
  • Django has removed comments support a long time ago, which meant that our bundled comments content in feincms.content.comments was broken for some time. It has been completely removed.
  • feincms.content.rss has been removed, use feincms-syndication instead.

Removal of deprecated features

South is not supported anymore? Django 1.7 and better only?

feincms.views.cbv has been removed. Use feincms.urls and feincms.views directly instead.

New deprecations

  • None.

Notable features and improvements

  • Rich text cleaning using Tidy has been removed.
  • FEINCMS_JQUERY_NO_CONFLICT is gone. Either use django.jQuery or feincms.jQuery explicitly.
  • Some support has been added for django-filer.


  • Too many to list.

Compatibility with Django and other apps

FeinCMS 1.12 requires Django 1.7 or better.