FeinCMS 1.2 release notes

Welcome to the first release notes for FeinCMS!


FeinCMS 1.2 sports several large changes, including:

  • Overhauled item editor. The new item editor uses standard Django administration fieldsets; you can use almost all standard Django configuration mechanisms. show_on_top has been deprecated, standard fieldsets should be used instead.
  • The split pane editor has been removed. It wasn’t much more than a proof of concept and was never bug-free.
  • The required Django version is now 1.2. Compatibility with older Django versions has been removed.
  • The rich text configuration has slightly changed; CkRichTextContent has been completely removed in favor of a rich text editor agnostic configuration method. TINYMCE_JS_URL should be replaced by an appropriate FEINCMS_RICHTEXT_INIT_CONTEXT settings value. See the Content types - what your page content is built of documentation for more details.
  • A new content type, TemplateContent has been added which can be used to render templates residing on the hard disk.
  • The TreeEditor JavaScript code has been rewritten, reintroducing drag-drop for reordering pages, but this time in a well-performing way not sluggish as before.
  • feincms.models.Base is still available, feincms.models.create_base_model is the more flexible way of creating the aforementioned base model. If create_base_model is used the base model can be freely defined.
  • Many small improvements and bugfixes all over the place.