FeinCMS Deprecation Timeline

This document outlines when various pieces of FeinCMS will be removed or altered in backward incompatible way. Before a feature is removed, a warning will be issued for at least two releases.


  • The value of FEINCMS_REVERSE_MONKEY_PATCH has been changed to False.
  • Deprecated page manager methods have been removed (page_for_path_or_404, for_request_or_404, best_match_for_request, from_request) - Page.objects.for_request(), Page.objects.page_for_path and Page.objects.best_match_for_path should cover all use cases.
  • Deprecated page methods have been removed (active_children, active_children_in_navigation, get_siblings_and_self)
  • Request and response processors have to be imported from feincms.module.page.processors. Additionally, they must be registered individually by using register_request_processor and register_response_processor.
  • Prefilled attributes have been removed. Use Django’s prefetch_related or feincms.utils.queryset_transform instead.
  • feincms.views.base has been moved to feincms.views.legacy. Use feincms.views.cbv instead.
  • FEINCMS_FRONTEND_EDITING’s default has been changed to False.
  • The code in feincms.module.page.models has been split up. The admin classes are in feincms.module.page.modeladmin, the forms in feincms.module.page.forms now. Analogous changes have been made to feincms.module.medialibrary.models.


  • The monkeypatch to make Django’s django.core.urlresolvers.reverse() applicationcontent-aware will be removed. Use feincms.content.application.models.app_reverse() and the corresponding template tag instead.
  • The module feincms.content.medialibrary.models will be replaced by the contents of feincms.content.medialibrary.v2. The latter uses Django’s raw_id_fields support instead of reimplementing it badly.
  • The legacy views inside feincms.views.legacy will be removed.


  • The module feincms.admin.editor will be removed. The model admin classes have been available in feincms.admin.item_editor and feincms.admin.tree_editor since FeinCMS v1.0.

  • Cleansing the HTML of a rich text content will still be possible, but the cleansing module feincms.utils.html.cleanse will be removed. When creating a rich text content, the cleanse argument must be a callable and cannot be True anymore. The cleansing function has been moved into its own package, feincms-cleanse.

  • Registering extensions using shorthand notation will be not be possible in FeinCMS v1.8 anymore. Use the following method instead:

  • feincms_navigation and feincms_navigation_extended will be removed. Their functionality is provided by feincms_nav instead.

  • The function-based generic views aren’t available in Django after v1.4 anymore. feincms.views.generic and feincms.views.decorators.add_page_to_extra_context() will be removed as well.

  • The module feincms.content.medialibrary.v2, which is only an alias for feincms.content.medialibrary.models starting with FeinCMS v1.7 will be removed.

  • Page.setup_request() does not do anything anymore and will be removed.


  • Fields added through page extensions which haven’t been explicitly added to the page model admin using modeladmin.add_extension_options will disappear from the admin interface. The automatic collection of fields will be removed.
  • All extensions should inherit from feincms.extensions.Extension. Support for register(cls, admin_cls)-style functions will be removed in FeinCMS v1.9.
  • The _feincms_extensions attribute on the page model and on models inheriting ExtensionsMixin is gone.


No deprecations.


  • RSSContent and update_rsscontent have been deprecated.
  • The automatic discovery of subclasses of NavigationExtension has been replaced with an explicit mechanism of defining navigation extensions.
  • Page.cache_key has never been used by FeinCMS itself and will therefore be removed in a future release. Comparable functionality has been available for a long time with Page.path_to_cache_key.


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