FeinCMS - An extensible Django-based CMS


FeinCMS is an extremely stupid content management system. It knows nothing about content – just enough to create an admin interface for your own page content types. It lets you reorder page content blocks using a drag-drop interface, and you can add as many content blocks to a region (f.e. the sidebar, the main content region or something else which I haven’t thought of yet). It provides helper functions, which provide ordered lists of page content blocks. That’s all.

Adding your own content types is extremely easy. Do you like textile that much, that you’d rather die than using a rich text editor? Then add the following code to your project, and you can go on using the CMS without being forced to use whatever the developers deemed best:

from feincms.module.page.models import Page
from django.contrib.markup.templatetags.markup import textile
from django.db import models

class TextilePageContent(models.Model):
    content = models.TextField()

    class Meta:
        abstract = True

    def render(self, **kwargs):
        return textile(self.content)


That’s it. Only ten lines of code for your own page content type.


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