Default settings for FeinCMS

All of these can be overridden by specifying them in the standard file.

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_ALLOW_EXTRA_PATH = False

Allow random gunk after a valid page?

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_CMS_404_PAGE = None

Makes the page handling mechanism try to find a cms page with that path if it encounters a page not found situation. This allows for nice customised cms-styled error pages. Do not go overboard, this should be as simple and as error resistant as possible, so refrain from deeply nested error pages or advanced content types.

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_DEFAULT_PAGE_MODEL = 'page.Page'

app_label.model_name as per django.db.models.get_model. defaults to page.Page

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_FRONTEND_EDITING = False

Show frontend-editing button?

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_JQUERY_NO_CONFLICT = False

avoid jQuery conflicts – scripts should use feincms.jQuery instead of $

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_MEDIAFILE_OVERWRITE = False

When uploading files to the media library, replacing an existing entry, try to save the new file under the old file name in order to keep the media file path (and thus the media url) constant. Experimental, this might not work with all storage backends.

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_MEDIALIBRARY_THUMBNAIL = 'feincms.module.medialibrary.thumbnail.default_admin_thumbnail'

Thumbnail function for suitable mediafiles. Only receives the media file and should return a thumbnail URL (or nothing).

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_MEDIALIBRARY_UPLOAD_TO = 'medialibrary/%Y/%m/'

Local path to newly uploaded media files


Prevent changing template within admin for pages which have been allocated a Template with singleton=True – template field will become read-only for singleton pages.


Prevent admin page deletion for pages which have been allocated a Template with singleton=True

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_THUMBNAIL_DIR = '_thumbs/'

Prefix for thumbnails. Set this to something non-empty to separate thumbs from uploads. The value should end with a slash, but this is not enforced.

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_TIDY_ALLOW_WARNINGS_OVERRIDE = True

If True, users will be allowed to ignore HTML warnings (errors are always blocked):

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_TIDY_FUNCTION = 'feincms.utils.html.tidy.tidy_html'

Name of the tidy function - anything which takes (html) and returns (html, errors, warnings) can be used:

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_TIDY_HTML = False

If True, HTML will be run through a tidy function before saving:

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_TIDY_SHOW_WARNINGS = True

If True, displays form validation errors so the user can see how their HTML has been changed:

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_TRANSLATION_POLICY = 'STANDARD'

How to switch languages. * 'STANDARD': The page a user navigates to sets the site’s language

and overwrites whatever was set before.
  • 'EXPLICIT': The language set has priority, may only be overridden by explicitely a language with ?set_language=xx.
feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_TREE_EDITOR_INCLUDE_ANCESTORS = True

Include ancestors in filtered tree editor lists

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_TREE_EDITOR_OBJECT_PERMISSIONS = False

Enable checking of object level permissions. Note that if this option is enabled, you must plug in an authentication backend that actually does implement object level permissions or no page will be editable.

feincms.default_settings.FEINCMS_USE_PAGE_ADMIN = True

When enabled, the page module is automatically registered with Django’s default admin site (this is activated by default).

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