Media library


class feincms.module.medialibrary.models.Category(*args, **kwargs)

These categories are meant primarily for organizing media files in the library.

class feincms.module.medialibrary.models.CategoryManager

Simple manager which exists only to supply .select_related("parent") on querysets since we can’t even __str__ efficiently without it.

class feincms.module.medialibrary.models.MediaFile(*args, **kwargs)

MediaFile(id, file, type, created, copyright, file_size)

class feincms.module.medialibrary.models.MediaFileBase(*args, **kwargs)

Abstract media file class. Includes the feincms.models.ExtensionsMixin because of the (handy) extension mechanism.

>>> t = MediaFileBase()
>>> t.determine_file_type('foobar.jpg')
>>> t.determine_file_type('foobar.PDF')
>>> t.determine_file_type('foobar.jpg.pdf')
>>> t.determine_file_type('foobar.jgp')
>>> t.determine_file_type('foobar-jpg')
class feincms.module.medialibrary.models.MediaFileTranslation(*args, **kwargs)

Translated media file caption and description.

Admin classes, overwrite, data)

Import a collection of media files from a zip file.

category_id: if set, the pk of a Category that all uploaded
files will have added (eg. cathegory “newly uploaded files”)
overwrite: attempt to overwrite existing files. This might
not work with non-trivial storage handlers


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